Rocky Springs Retreat

Rocky Springs Retreat – Do Life Different

Restore your body and refresh your mind in a quiet forest oasis.

Rocky Springs Retreat is a boutique accommodation and restoration centre tucked into forestland. With luxury features, peaceful surroundings and pampering opportunities, Rocky Springs Retreat offers relaxation, rest and beauty. Our dedicated staff treat you with warmth and generosity, listening to your requests and consistently serving with a smile. The well-appointed rooms, each with an ensuite, are crafted for an optimal sleep environment. Your private verandah offers stunning views of our forest location. Enjoy a selection from our on-site chef’s menu, catering to a wide variety of tastes, and made from locally sourced, farm-fresh produce.

Retreat from the stresses and pressures of your everyday world

Take a moment to imagine the sound of stillness in the rainforest.

As you wait in this tranquil moment, your senses are able to take in more and more as you find yourself grounded by the environment. With fresh air gradually filling your lungs, you are lulled by the birdsong around you. This is a place of joy and restoration. Sit in the stillness & notice a shy koala, a wallaby feeding her joey, or a lorikeet looking for nectar. You feel a world away from your normal day.

It’s no surprise that your body is telling you to rest. A chaotic mind, rushed by external pressures and deadlines, non-stop input from people in a hurry, and a schedule packed too tight to manage in 24 hours a day. Rocky Springs Retreat creates a peaceful place to clear your mind, restore your body, and bring you joy. With 2000 acres to explore, you will be grateful for this time of rest.

Rediscover calm

With a healthy body, a clear mind and a still spirit, you will emerge from Rocky Springs Retreat with a renewed energy for life. Our therapists provide relaxing treatments to allow you to be guided back to the best you. Experience mindfulness as you help your anxieties fade. Let soothing massage relieve tension in your shoulders, back or neck – wherever you carry your stress. Feel the restoration wherever your body needs it most with subtle fragrances and natural ingredients in our popular skincare products.

Located just 95 kms from Brisbane Airport, Rocky Springs Retreat is the perfect place for your next getaway.

Benefit from the convenience of an accessible location without compromising your desire for a secluded break. Let our staff meet your needs, provide sustenance and bring therapeutic calm to your mind, body and spirit.

Don’t be disappointed – limited bookings still available for 2023. Contact us today!